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Annual Dues

  • Yearly Payment of $20. If issuing a check, please make checks payable to The EOD MasterBlasters. Dues include a copy of the current issue of the MBI Personnel Roster and the association newsletter, The HellBox Times.

Lifetime Dues – Amounts for this category are divided by age group:

  • 80's: No cost

  • 70's: $75

  • 60's: $100

  • 50's: $125

  • Under 50: $150

Surviving Spouse – No cost

Membership Categories


Eligibility for Regular membership requires that individuals must be:

  • A retired or active duty member of the U.S. Air Force, or served honorably in the Air Force EOD career field, but did not retire and

  • A graduate of an accredited Bomb Disposal or Explosive Ordnance Disposal School (i.e., RAF Bomb Disposal School; Ordnance Bomb Disposal School, Aberdeen Proving Ground; or U.S. Naval School, Explosive Ordnance Disposal).Regular members may hold office in the association and vote on all association business matters.


Other military-service EOD personnel (who are graduates of schools defined in the above eligibility requirements) or any other person who is interested in EOD may apply for this membership. Associate members, however, are not eligible to hold office in the association or vote on association business matters.

Surviving Spouse

Spouses of deceased, retired Air Force EOD personnel may apply for membership in this category. Spouses of deceased members of The EOD MasterBlasters will be automatically enrolled in this membership category upon the passing of the member spouse, unless the association secretary is instructed to the contrary by the surviving spouse. Surviving spouse members, however, are not eligible to hold office in the association or vote on association business matters. No dues are charged for this membership category, and attendance of annual reunion is at no cost.


Association members who are either Charter, Regular or Associate members may convert their memberships to Lifetime Memberships by submitting the appropriate amount of Lifetime Member dues defined below. New Regular or Associate members may also join as Lifetime Members.

Corporate Sponsor

Please contact the association secretary via our Contact form to receive an application.

Membership Dues

EOD MasterBlasters, Inc. Membership

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